About Our School

Village Green Virtual Charter School opened in Providence in September of 2013. Starting with grades 9 and 10 in the first year, the school will grow to grades 9 through 12 in year three. The school is the first of its kind in Rhode Island; a high school which uses a “blended learning” model of on-line curriculum and in-classroom teaching. Students are in “workshop” working with teachers about 40% of the time and on-line or in advisory and reading groups the other 60%. Teachers at Village Green work with students when there is a skill or strategy that cannot be mastered in the on-line curriculum. The major goal of the “bricks and mortar virtual school” is that teachers are freed from designing and assessing lessons and can turn their attention to targeting the learning needs of each student. Our school’s design places students in classes when there is a skill or strategy they need to master.

Village Green
Teachers specialize in data analysis and skill gap intervention and students learn at their own pace in a very technology rich environment. For this reason, no day at Village Green is routine; students will work on some subjects longer than others if they need to and teachers will work with different groups of students depending on which students need to learn the same skill at that point in their lessons.

The use of time should be a variable, not a constant, and Village Green uses time productively and creatively. Time should also not dictate the structure of student learning. If a history lesson takes two hours to complete on a given day, and a science lesson takes a half hour to complete, then why should a bell schedule allow only one hour each? 100 years ago we built schools where teachers taught for an hour and a bell would signal the end of the lesson, why should we teach that way today? Village Green understands that the students of today need a new way of doing business.

Village GreenTechnology has changed the way we work, think and relate to each other and the way we prioritize the rhythm our lives.

Village Green believes that to best serve today’s students we need to harness the power of e-courseware and improve the access to technology and to allow students to learn in a safe environment which will prepare them for both post-secondary school and the work environment of the future.